How to Move on From an Ex

A lot of people think there’s a right or wrong way to move on from an ex, but there is no such thing.


Ease Up on Yourself


Your body and mind will tell you when you’re ready to move on. Give yourself the time and space to go through all of the emotions. 

Give yourself protected time. Protected time means a set-aside time with no distractions; this could be 15 minutes or an hour, whatever works best for you. Set this time aside, put it in your calendar, and wallow in your emotions. Wallowing is our way of getting the emotions up, out, and dealt with, so it will pass.

This will help you get up and learn how to move on. There is a scientific study that shows there is an endorphin rush when you socialize. You may not feel like socializing, but you have to treat yourself and get back on your feet, emotionally. If you’re more of an introvert, you can do this online through support groups, chat rooms, and online therapy.


Moving on


Moving on is often signaled by meeting someone else. There’s a lot of pop psychology about the length of time you should take to move on to somebody else; this does not exist.

I hate the term rebound in relationships. I don’t think it is real. Finding somebody who is healthy is a treasure. If that happens to come one week or two months after a relationship, that’s okay. There is no specific time-frame, there is no point in questioning a good relationship because somehow it’s not the right time.

I promise you there is no right time. If there is someone else who interests you, go ahead and get involved again. This is a good thing!


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