Psychiatry Services: Therapy, Counseling, & Coaching
Rebuild your relationships and dismantle unhealthy habits & destructive patterns.

Our Services

Family Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Coaching

Parenting is hard, and it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed. Together we can navigate your parenting problems.

Relationship Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Coaching

Relationships take work! Whether you’re coming in together or alone we can work to make a breakthrough.

Life Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Coaching

From anxiety to impulse control problems we all struggle with our emotions. Learn to eliminate destructive patterns and create healthy habits.

Areas of Expertise

Impulse Control Problems

No matter what your impulse control problem is, whether it is the internet, video games, or shopping, we can help.

Alcohol Use

Stop using alcohol as a crutch and learn to overcome your impulse control problems. 

Anger Management

Learn how to acknowledge and express your emotions in a healthy manner.


Don’t let your fears hold you back from enjoying life. You deserve to live a life free from fear and anxiety.

Coping Skills

Turn destructive patterns into healthy habits.


Bring color back to your life and address these difficult emotions.


Closing chapters can be hard. Learn how to let go and move on.

Family Conflict

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose how you resolve conflicts with your family.


Grief can feel debilitating, but it’s important to find peace in your loss and to keep living your life.

Life Coaching

Get guidance on overcoming life’s challenges and living your best life.

Marital & Premarital

Step into your marriage confident that you can tackle any problem and learn to continuously check-in. 


While having no-self esteem isn’t good, too much can lead to a lack of empathy and boundaries.


Overcome any mental roadblocks leading to unhealthy habits.


Become the best parent you can be, and break generational traumas.

Peer Relationships

Romantic relationships aren’t the only ones that need work. Create a strong support system.

Self Esteem

When you don’t believe in yourself, it can be hard to accomplish anything. Learn to love yourself first. 


When life gets hard, stress can begin to take over. Learn how to handle stress productively.

Substance Use

Don’t let substance misuse control your life and happiness. Learn to acknowledge your vices, and stop letting them control you.

Trauma & PTSD

Don’t let trauma impact your life. Learn healthy coping mechanisms, and reclaim your sense of self.

Impulse Control

It can be scary to feel as if you don’t have control of your thoughts and behaviors. Get long-term solutions.

Mood & Personality

Do you feel disconnected from your emotions? Create constructive habits to overcome your disorder. 

Why Work With Us?

Private & Discreet

From discreet parking and sound-proof offices to private encrypted technology, we provide confidential counseling.

Flexible Scheduling

We know your days are already busy, so we work around your schedule. You can always reschedule appointments, as well as add or substitute with video sessions.

Peaceful Atmosphere

You deserve to feel at ease. With private waiting rooms and our spa-like setting, your visit will always be peaceful.

Personalized Care

Get a personalized plan to overcome your unique challenges. To us, you're not just a number. You get personal access to your coach - even between sessions.

For All Relationships

Relationships and mental health go hand in hand. We believe that when your relationship is at its best, so are you. That is why we offer coaching, counseling, and therapy services for all of life’s challenges.


Before you can love someone else fully, you need to learn to love yourself. 


If you need someone to help facilitate tough conversations with your partner, we can give unbiased advice.


Whether you are dealing with conflicts with your parents or children, we can work on it together.

Take the First Step

Take the online
Determine the best treatment options for your situation.
Build new habits and
healthy patterns.

Individuals Just Like You Faced Their Problems … And Found Solutions!

Samantha Wright

 “I will happily say that it was eye-opening too. The minute you walk into the office, it is welcoming and clean (which is important these days). Her assistant is so friendly and helpful as well! I have been a patient of hers for a few months now and she truly has helped me get through some tough times. Dr. Dabney is such a great  s and I highly recommend her if anyone is going through a tough time and needs someone to help them through it.”

Amber S.

“Dr. Dabney has taught me so much in the past eight months! She is very skilled and insightful. Dr. Dabney provides many online resources and is continually sharing helpful information online via her website and social media. She truly enjoys helping others, and I love the message she shares, that it is possible to repair a relationship without the couple. If you are thinking about therapy, I encourage you to call her.”

Ali S.

“Dr. Dabney is amazing. She is knowledgeable and insightful on many different topics & situations – would highly recommend her to anyone struggling or having relationship problems!!”

Why am I so unhappy? Addictions and out of control behavior

What To Expect

After completing your assessment, you will receive a link to schedule your free 15-minute consultation with one of our associates to discuss the best plan of action for you.

In the consultation, we will guide you to set up treatment sessions that work best for your schedule. Our programs typically last at least 6 months to ensure time to build a trusting relationship and work through the unconscious obstacles that are holding you back from success.

All programs start with a 45-minute strategy session where you identify the obstacles and set goals and methods to overcome them, but the course of action will depend on your needs.

We will work to recognize limiting obstacles that are keeping you from breaking through to an extraordinary life. Then, we will focus on preparing behavioral patterns to help you overcome the obstacles and achieve positive change.

Free Read the Red Flags Guide

Whether you are reentering the dating world or you are frustrated in your current relationship, the FREE Read the Red Flags guide will give you the insight you need to find happier and healthier partnerships.

With decades of experience and proven techniques, Dr. Laura Dabney’s FREE Read the Red Flags guide will help you spot toxic traits and relationships while helping navigate you to healthier ones.

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