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Take Control of Your Relationships

It’s normal for relationships to have their challenges. But when the issues don’t get handled in a healthy way, you will hit a breaking point.

Government statistics on marriages tell a disheartening tale: 50% of first marriages fail, and 72% of second marriages fail. So, what are the other 50% doing right? Book a free consultation to learn more.

Stop Settling In Your Relationships

Does any of this sound like you and your partner?

  • NDrifting apart
  • NLoss of trust
  • NRepetitive arguments
  • NInfidelity
  • NLack of intimacy
  • NPlanning for marriage

Marriage & Relationship Coaching 

Whether you’re looking to come alone or with your partner, our sessions will work through the complex emotions that come with relationships. 

We will discuss sources of stress, intimacy issues, fears, communication challenges, and more. All sessions are private and discreet and can be scheduled around your needs. 

Hear From People Who’ve Been There

Amber S

“Dr. Dabney has taught me so much in the past eight months! She is very skilled and insightful. Dr. Dabney provides many online resources and is continually sharing helpful information online via her website and social media. She truly enjoys helping others, and I love the message she shares, that it is possible to repair a relationship without the couple. If you are thinking about therapy, I encourage you to call her.”

Rachelle Kubacki

“I love Dr. Dabney. I have used a few tools from her snippets to help in my relationship and direct others to her as well. If you’re looking for a marriage counselor or just someone to talk to she is it. She offers so many convenient methods that fit so many lifestyles! If you don’t believe me take a look at her website.”


“It is clear the employees, therapists, and coaches at this practice have a genuine desire to help people. There is no ER for emotional pain, but this place is the closest you’ll find to one. From the first phone call I made, I was listened to and not treated as another number to just get in the door. I got the impression they cared just as much that they were a good fit for me as I was for them. Mrs. Brant’s insight during my evaluation was quite impressive and she made some points that really got me thinking. I will definitely be continuing coaching/therapy at this practice.”

Take the Steps Toward Healthy Relationships

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Create the Relationship You Long For


Can I Do Relationship Coaching Alone?

Yes! We strongly believe you need to put work into yourself in order to see a change in your relationships. After all, you can’t change your partner – only your perspective.

How Often Do We Need To Attend Couples Therapy?

It takes about three months for our clients to start noticing a significant change and about six months to appreciate significant progress. 

How Do I Know If My Partner And I Need Couples Counseling?

There are many signs that may appear if your relationship is struggling, but we recommend coming before you reach the breaking point. Signs may include no intimacy, cheating, dishonestly, resentment, or lack of communication.

How Much Does Couples Therapy Cost?

We offer premium packages from which you can choose that include additional features such as contact information for your provider, a private locked waiting room, video session options, a summary of therapy and progress notes, and more.

Do You Take Insurance?

To ensure privacy, increase our availability, and add value to our clients, we have opted out of working with insurance companies, which we are happy to discuss during the consultation, and offer superbills for you to be reimbursed directly. 

Take The Assessment

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Free Read the Red Flags Guide

Whether you are reentering the dating world or you are frustrated in your current relationship, the FREE Read the Red Flags guide will give you the insight you need to find happier and healthier partnerships.

With decades of experience and proven techniques, Dr. Laura Dabney’s FREE Read the Red Flags guide will help you spot toxic traits and relationships while helping navigate you to healthier ones.

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