Meet the Rest of the Team

Sheena O’Keefe, Operations Manager

Sheena joined the Dabney Team in 2021.

Sheena is your knowledgeable source for navigating all of Dr. Dabney’s online solutions for intimate relational problems including her flagship course Intimacy Now or her popular article Read the Relationship Red Flags. Whatever your needs, Sheena is the one to steer you in the right direction.

She graduated from Old Dominion University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is currently pursuing her Professional Life Coach certification. Sheena is involved in office communications, administration and sales.

Additionally, she helps to ensure the smooth running of the office, handling the ins and the outs of the business. Sheena is committed to all projects involving the growth and success of the practice.

Joelle Brant

Dr. Dabney Alternatives to Psychotherapy:

Not everyone is ready to dive into the depths of their problems.

Instead, they want to work on the here and now. They want to pinpoint goals and create an action plan to move forward. You may not need a new engine, just a jump start – if that sounds like you, then Team Dabney’s Psychotherapy alternative is right for you. The relationship between the client and the life coach is designed to help you achieve your goals. The first step you’ll take together is to get specific and identify your goals. The next step is to build an action plan. Joelle will work beside you to keep you focused, accountable, and motivated. The guidance will be just what you need and make a lifetime of difference.

Hear From People Who’ve Been There

Yvonne T.

“We have been working with Dr. Dabney and her team for almost six months. They have been incredibly responsive and operate with the highest integrity. We always have great communication and find them to be efficient, clear, and positive. I would recommend them highly!”


“Dr. Dabney helped me shift to a different and better track. I was able to step back and identify the issues my family was struggling with. She taught me to recognize the ways in which I was not being the best parent I could be.”

Andrea b.

“I have consulted with Dr. Dabney, and have found her to be very professional, compassionate, and incredibly helpful. I prefer a therapist who is intelligent and direct, and I would say Dr. Dabney fits that description and more. Each session has been very meaningful to me, and I have seen myself and my life change for the better each and every time I have talked with her. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.”

Free Comprehensive Parenting Guide

In Relationship RX’s FREE Parenting guide, we will explore ways that parents can achieve unity in perspective and approach, and we’ll also talk about the most common struggles and warning signs that pop up in this crazy, wonderful journey we call parenting. 

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