Family Bonding Gift-Giving

Amazingly, a lot of people go wrong with gift-giving. I’d like to offer you four helpful tips for gift giving that promotes family bonding.


Avoid generic gift lists.

Don’t fall for the generic gift lists you see, especially around the holidays. Picking a gift from a generic list is not very intimate. Instead, ask the person what they want; this is different than getting a list from them. If they do send you a list, talk to them about the list to find the gift they truly want.

Having a discussion about what they want and then receiving the gift makes it special.


A lot of people do not like surprises.

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t like surprises. It’s best to ask the person you are giving a gift to, if they like surprises, and not assume they do.

If they don’t like surprises, don’t worry, get them what they want. You can add a small surprise, whether it be an add-on or the way you present it.


More gifts isn’t always better.

If you’re buying for a child in middle school or higher, piling on the gifts doesn’t make them better. Instead, focus on giving a few special gifts, including, perhaps, an activity. It doesn’t always have to be a thing. Giving a few special gifts promotes family bonding.


The people who do not want gifts

What do you do when someone says they don’t want a gift? You’ll want to respect that, but at the same time, you’ll also want to respect yourself. Talk to the person and see if you can find a service or special favor you can do for them, something to mark the occasion if they don’t want a gift. Compromises are always good for intimacy.


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