Romantic Things to do for Your Significant Other

Romantic Things to do for Your Spouse

Surprise your significant other with this unique gift idea. A romantic gift idea, for her or him or a romantic date night, not only for Valentine’s Day but for any day. 

How do you get to the place where you are working together as a couple at maximum capacity and maximum romance?

It takes equality, and equality starts with you. It starts with you, just like in The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, you have to first understand yourself. What do you need, want, desire and feel?

I always recommend starting doing this by first clearing your social calendar for two weeks.

By doing this you will be giving yourself time and energy and you’ll need time and energy to do the following steps.

1. Write down your arguments. 

Write down your arguments as soon as you can after an argument and use your best memory. Then, take a look at it. What is it that you’re doing? Which trap (from last week) are you falling in? The right or wrong, the shoulds, or the fantasies? Figure it out.

2. Start observing yourself.

Getting better emotionally is always about observing yourself. When you find yourself in the trap again, and you will, try and stop yourself. The idea is to put up a boundary for yourself. It’s like putting the trash outside because it smells too much, you want to protect yourself from things that are upsetting.

By putting this boundary up, you’re going to distance yourself from your significant other. Think about it as protecting yourself.  Next, give a bridge statement. A bridge statement is something along the lines of, “I feel myself getting into this argument, let’s table this for another time. I’m going to go take a walk/go to work and I’ll see you later.” You aren’t just taking off like you’re punishing them, like storming off, it’s an actual bridge statement saying you want to stop the discussion because it’s not going anywhere.

I promise you if you go through these steps and cut back on the distancing traps that pull you and your significant other apart, you’re going to feel so much better. And when you feel better your significant other will feel better.

This is a very unique, free gift for you, your significant other, and your relationship. It’s a win, win, win. If you’re looking for romantic things to do for your spouse try offering equal hearts!

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