How to Date After Divorce or Death

How to date after divorce- How can people move on after divorce, death, or disaster? I’m here to tell you, you can do it!


It’s common for people to think they can’t date again because they’re going to get hurt, or there is always a problem. What this translates to me, is a lot of guilt and shame. These emotions are not good emotions to base decisions on.


Relationships are Good


All kinds of studies show that relationships are good! When we have relationships, we are happier and healthier. If you are avoiding relationships to try and avoid pain, think again. Living life is painful. You cannot control or avoid future pain by avoiding relationships. So let’s take that option out of the equation.


Just Live Life!


You can’t just decide here and now if you’re ready to move on or not. Yes, you will want to look back and see what went wrong and give that consideration and what you want going forward but just go out and live life. Be apart of groups, go see friends, be apart of some clubs. If the right person comes along, then they come along, you can figure that out.


Is it Time for Therapy?


If you are in a third or fourth intimate relationship and you have no idea why the relationships ended or why you keep being apart of a system that keeps failing, that’s a therapy discussion. It is a very good therapy topic, and you will be well on your way to learning how to date after divorce again.


If you have any questions about dating or how to move on after divorce or death, and you would like to create your own plan, call, or text 757-340-8800.


For more helpful info go to www.drldabney.com. Or for online programs to help you in your relationships, go to relationship-rx.com.


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