Dating After Divorce or Death

Let’s discuss dating after divorce or death. How do you move on to your next significant other in the most effective way?


For starters, it’s important to realize you’re never going to get over divorce or death. By that, I don’t mean the intensity won’t fade a bit but it’s never going to be a time where you have no feelings over the death or divorce. It’s just going to be apart of you and that’s normal.

At the same time, you want to be respectful of your new significant other. It can come across as invasive, controlling, or shadowing, if you are bringing your former relationship into this one. It’s important to be sensitive to what their limits are, and what they can tolerate of your past life. This is also perfectly normal.


How to Find Balance


The key piece is for you not to be taken over and for you not to take over your new significant other. In other words, talk about what is important for you to keep hold of, and listen to what they think is important and what their reasons are for wanting to limit those things. Then, find a compromise.


Examples of compromises are

  • Keeping some pieces of the furniture and getting rid of the rest
  • Moving to a new house but in the same neighborhood
  • Having phone calls or meetings with the ex but only in the presence of the new significant other


Compromises are a great way to move on from the disasters of divorce or death when you’re dealing with a new significant other.


If you have any questions about dating or how to move on after divorce or death, and you would like to create your own plan, call, or text 757-340-8800.


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