Are You Ready to Start Dating Again After Divorce?

How do you know if you are ready to start dating again after divorce?


Questioning Yourself

Wondering if you are ready to start dating again is a very interesting concern.  I actually think people wonder this too much and use it as a way to defend themselves from the fear of getting back out into the dating scene. This is normal.


Grief is Normal


Grief is a normal response to a relationship ending. A lot of people think grief is simply when a person dies. But when a relationship dies it is the same exact feeling of grief that we all get. It’s important to give yourself time and space to feel it but at the same time, don’t let that keep you from going out.


Are You Ready?


You don’t have to answer whether you are ready to start dating again after divorce in order to get back out there, just be apart of life. By doing that, it gives you a nice balance of time alone to grieve and time with others to distract yourself from the grieving. Spend time with friends, clubs, organizations to get a sense of connection.

If someone comes along your path, you’re going to know it with a sense of longing. Longing is the clue that you are ready to go in deeper with somebody. This is probably the best sign that you are ready to start dating again. That longing can take the form of you wanting to share your life with somebody or you wanting to get closer to somebody.

The main part here is to keep a balance between what you’re feeling, what you’re wanting, and what you are needing to connect. Put it all together and wait for the period of longing, so you can start seeing someone more seriously. This is when you will know if you are ready to start dating again after divorce!


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