6-month therapy package
with Dr. Dabney

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Dr. Dabney advises that you commit to therapy for a minimum of 6 months. This ensures time to build a trusting relationship and work through the unconscious obstacles that are holding you back from success. All 6-month therapy packages start with a 45-minute strategy session where you identify the obstacles and set goals and methods to overcome them. Together with Dr. Dabney, your following sessions will then go through the following stages:

Step 1: Recognizing your inner world
During the first couple of months of working with Dr. Dabney, you will work  on recognizing limiting obstacles that are keeping you from breaking through to an extraordinary relationship. This is a key step and what makes Dr. Dabney’s treatment program unique. Before you can tackle goals in your relationship you must do the work first to understand what you currently can not see. To successfully surmount relationship goals you must first learn these inner obstacles which leads to a greater understanding of yourself and how you view others. People report a decrease in emotional turmoil during this phase.

Step 2: Repairing
The next couple of months of work in therapy will focus on repairing behavioral patterns to help you overcome the obstacles and achieve positive change. These patterns will become habits you’ll use the rest of your life.  People report an improvement in their relationship in this phase.

Step 3: Practicing
The rest of your work will focus on practicing your new patterns. This is a time of celebration and reinforcement with Dr. Dabney as you take your relationship to another level. Treatment is complete when people function and relate successfully between sessions.

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