Red and Pink Flags
Red and Pink flags when it comes to people and their behaviors
You bring up a point about not being ready, that’s a good one because people tend to think when you come in and you’ll have to face everything all at once. That’s not really true, I’m not sure you know we have some people come in and they say well I’m having a problem in my relationship and perhaps they had some trauma or tragedy or just a difficult time sometime else like in college or in childhood and they’re not ready to talk about that. That’s perfectly fine.
We can deal with whatever problem you’re able to talk about or want to talk about, it’s really led by you. I think that’s a misconception, that somehow we have a set of rules or set schedule and timing and that’s yeah it’s not that rigid. You get to control the timing, in fact, I have people and say “okay, so when do you think I’ll be ready to go?” I don’t control when you’ll be ready, it’s really very a subjective viewpoint. When you feel like you’re in a place that you have figured something out or have changed the course of your life or the course of your relationship and when you’re ready, you’re ready.
 I’ve had you’ve had people come in for assessments and that’s enough. I think I’ve had people for 10- 15 years because once they figured out what the problem is they want to figure out what’s next. It’s all up to you and up to that person but they had lots of things they want to figure out and they really enjoyed the process and got a lot of benefits out of learning and how do I unpack that emotional bag. It’s your own pace and how easily you do it. We’re flexible.


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