How to Stop Toxicity From Spreading

We’ve talked about how to spot toxic people and how to limit the toxicity. Let’s discuss how to prevent the toxicity from spreading.


How do you prevent toxicity from spreading? So many people who have a toxic person in their lives are unknowingly spreading the toxicity and can become toxic themselves.

Let’s discuss how not to become that person.

1. Don’t expect someone else to solve it for you.

So many people think because a person is toxic to them, that they’re toxic to everybody and therefore someone else is going to see it and step in on your behalf. That is a lot of relying on ESP and signals and all kinds of unspoken stuff. You’re going to be very disappointed if you’re expecting that.

Instead of waiting for help from a family member or your significant other, talk to them in advance. Explain the situation, and ask for their support, and give them a chance to agree. If you’re expecting it to happen, It’s not going to happen. You know your sensitivity, it’s yours to stand up to and solve.

2. Don’t play the victim.

So many people will start complaining about the toxic person to others and lamenting the fact that this is going on and not doing something about it. By playing the victim and telling everybody around that this person is impacting you negatively is just another way of spreading toxicity and therefore being toxic yourself.

3. Don’t become overly aggressive or inappropriately aggressive.

Sometimes, people start attacking and criticizing the person who is attacking them and somehow think it’s justified because they didn’t start it. It’s never appropriate to attack somebody, even if they’re attacking you. This is different than constructive aggression. I recommend  something along the lines of putting up your hand and saying, “No, that’s off-limits.” Attacking, criticizing, and yelling at the other person is not acceptable and makes you a red flag and toxic.

Don’t spread the toxicity. Keep in mind that you can solve the toxicity coming at you and keep it from spreading to other people.


If you have toxic people in your life and you need help navigating the situation, we’re here to help! Call 757-340-8800 for a free 15-min consultation or to schedule a call click here.



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