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Common Dreams About Intimacy

Let’s discuss the common dreams about intimacy that Dr. Laura Dabney hears a lot about. This one is pretty interesting when it comes to dreams about being intimate in inappropriate places. I want to remind you just because you have a dream does not mean you should take it literally. It does not mean that you’re automatically going to change your behavior and start acting inappropriately or anything like that. The dream is trying to tell you something.
Common dreams of wanting to do something intimate in an inappropriate place. This may mean you’re doing something outside your comfort zone or you’re breaking a rule you would never consciously consider doing. This could mean you’ve been holding yourself back somewhere or you’re conflicted about something. For example, do you feel like the guidelines at work are making you feel stifled? Do you have a chance to cross another line somewhere but aren’t even considering it? That would include taking a risk somewhere, so instead of joining the family business, you want to pursue an art career.
Stepping out of your comfort zone

Dreams about stepping out of your comfort zone can often mean that you lost touch with a part of yourself where you’re allowing yourself to be stifled by someone or something else. A part of you wants to rebel against that, that’s the side that your dream is trying to tell you to consider.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you already stepped out of your comfort zone and something that you’ve done is now making you feel anxious. It could be that you took a risk. Or you told a specific someone how you felt. Maybe you’re anxious because you don’t know what’s going to happen from telling this person something. So now, this dream may be telling you that you are anxious about what could happen. It could be something you said, or you think someone’s going to judge you for being outlandish or inappropriate and remove themselves from you. There’s so many different layers and levels of things when it comes to dreams.
Dreams about stepping outside your comfort zone can mean you’re not sure you can you live with the rebellious part of you. You fear it may make you lose control or lose someone you care about. If you are having that type of dream where you don’t know if you can rebel or you don’t know if you can make a specific decision, such as, with the family business. “Do I want to take this career or do I want to stay in the family business?” At that point, your dream is telling you to really think about it because there’s no right or wrong answer.

The dream is helping you have an inner dialogue.

The dream is helping you have that inner dialogue with yourself. Or it’s going to push you to talk to someone about it. For example, “I had this dream it’s really not about having intimacy somewhere else. It’s about the fact that I really want to tell my parents that I don’t want to do this.” It could also be, “I really want to tell my spouse I want to retire now.” There are so many different scenarios it could be.

When it comes to this type of dream, if you have it, think back over the last day or two. Did you take a rest somewhere, how did you feel about it? Come to a resolution that your life and relationships are about balancing and staying in and stepping out of your comfort zone? Neither is right or wrong; neither is bad or good; it’s all about listening to yourself and your dreams. Which one is right for you, given the circumstances. When it comes to dreams, it’s a warning bell.
Any dream is your subconscious mind trying to get your conscious mind to think deeper. Ask yourself, what does it mean? That is the question that you want to ask yourself.
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