Cheating Dreams and What They Mean


Cheating Dreams, What do they mean?


Let’s discuss Dreams where you’re actually cheating on your significant other. Just like the attraction dreams, it’s not that you want to cheat, but there are a few reasons why you could be dreaming about this. We have to look beyond the superficial such as, “If I cheated in my dream that means I must want to do that, I’m a terrible person.” We have to look at the symbolism behind the dream.

What I mean is that cheating can symbolize, an escape. When I say that it’s not really about cheating, it could be about your significant other, for example, let’s say your S.O, for the last couple of months has been irritable or just messy, and it’s annoying you. But instead of talking to him or her about the annoying behavior, you make excuses and clean up his mess. Then you go to bed, and you have a dream that you’re cheating on him. In your subconscious, a lot of times that could be the fact that you are trying to punish him by cheating on him in your dreams. Since you feel as though you can’t speak about the negative behaviors that he’s doing, instead you dream about it and hope that by dreaming this and being mad at him or getting back at him in your dreams that you’ll fix the problem.

Negative Behavior

Another way to look at it is sometimes it’s not your S.O. that has negative behavior; it could be yourself. So if you have been extra irritable or sloppier than usual, there is a possibility that the way to think about it is you have to punish yourself somehow. You may have a cheating dream and if that’s the case you are putting the negative behavior on to your S.O. So you’re having a cheating dream, where you’re cheating on him, which is punishing him. But the dream leaves you having thoughts such as, “I’m such a bad person.” In a roundabout way, you’ve punished yourself.

Dreams are Symbolic

We need to remember a cheating dream is symbolic. If you have a cheating dream, what you can do is sit with that dream. Think about what’s been going on in your relationship. Are there any negative things going on, that you’re scared to talk about or to bring up? Just thinking about those negative thoughts helps solve the problem. If you can have the insight to realize you have been super pissed at him for X Y & Z. And if that’s the case, bring it up. You realize you’re keeping it in and that doesn’t help.
A lot of the negative emotions and negative feelings we have, they’re normal. Everyone has them, and it’s okay to think about them and talk about them. Just because you think it, does not mean you want it to happen. Or just because you dream about it, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Dreams are there for a reason. Interpreting them is so interesting because it’s usually not clear-cut as “I dreamt this, that means I want to do this.” You dreamt it because some other emotional things are going on or some other significant things are going on in your life.

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