Red and Pink Flags!

red and pink flags when it comes to people and their behaviors
hey guys now it’s Thursday I know I saw
I get my days except you but this is why
because we’re introducing you to my
Richmond office and for you know those
of you that don’t know me I’m Tyler I’m
the coach here in Richmond I’m still
dr. dabney
I just oh yeah we’ve been
working really really hard on this
office so we need her and it’s really
really really excited because tomorrow
is their grand opening
so if you’re in the Richmond area and Glen allen
just a little north of Richmond so if
you’re in the area you stop by
yes you tomorrow 4:00 to 6:00 we’re
having catered heavy hors d’oeuvres yes
cocktails and you can come and meet us
and see our beautiful new office which
was designed by the same designer who
did 3rd in each office yes who is this
rockstars wonderful goodness gracious
our friends and in decorator it’s
mr. Nick Monique Rizzo yes we can’t
leave out John John’s her husband who is
the architect of that team and he does
help her yes behind the scenes yes Missy
oh my goodness I’m gonna do a quick tour
yeah I make you nauseous maybe it’s a
great idea you want to show you the
whole office you’re all she’s gonna die
you gotta come see it in person
yes that’s why we need to come and see
the cool sculpture on the wall there
yeah great job so we’re in love with the
space and we will be welcoming doctors
here tomorrow night and other guests
you start seeing patients here for the first
time we’re really excited very excited
and we’ll be doing you know the same
things here as the Virginia Beach office
offering coaching services there as well
as therapy with dr. Dabney
so it’s going to be a good time we’re
very excited about this new office I’m
just ecstatic it’s others my joelle
version here in Richmond and I would
have been telling people is that we are
trying to break down those barriers that
keep people from coming in the door yes
and a party is a good way to do that but
also we’ve been talking about different
things that we have heard that have kept
people coming in such as their fears of
talking about certain emotions their
sense that we might be
critical judgmental mental right for that so we
what to you what theories do you see
more so I’ve seen that they think that
we would be judgmental of their
situations or a lot of people maybe just
not ready to talk about kind of what’s
going on and so we’re trying to make it
seem like we’re not scary we’re here to
help and that’s the honest truth
well I think so you bring up a point
about not being ready that’s a good one
because people tend to also think if to
come in and face everything all of
months right and that’s not really true
I’m not sure you know we have some
people come in and they say well I’m
having problem my relationship and
perhaps they had some trauma or tragedy
or just a difficult time sometime else
like in college or in childhood and
they’re not ready to talk about that
that’s perfectly perfectly fine you know
we can deal with whatever problem you’re
able to talk about or want to talk about
it’s really led by you and I think
that’s a misconception or yes absolutely
but somehow we have a set of rules or
set schedule and timing and that’s yeah
it’s not that rigid fine you get to
control the timing in fact I have people
and this is happening
other days people say okay so when do
you think I’ll be ready to go and try
that the lab will say that because I
don’t control in your range I go it’s
really very a subjective viewpoint if
when you feel like you’re in a place
that you have figured something out or
have changed the course of your life or
the course of your relationship and when
you’re ready you’re ready that’s been
I’ve had you’ve had people come in
assessments I have people come in
assessments and that’s that’s enough
right we just send them on their way
exactly that’s enough and sometimes I
think we I’ve had people for 10 15 years
because once they figured out what
problem they want to figure out now that
they want to hear another it’s all up to
you and up to that person but they had
lots of things they want to figure out
and they really enjoyed the process and
got a lot of benefit out of learning and
how do I unpack that emotional bag yep
and it’s you know of course of your own
so it’s not your own pace and how easily
do it so so we’re flexible yes exactly
so don’t forget tomorrow Friday which is
the 1717 4:00 to 6:00 I’ll be here
please join us and we will also I think
we’re going gonna try to do some live
videos throughout so if you can’t join
us here physically
please join us live because then you can
see the entire space and it’s absolutely
so yes are we doing a Facebook live from
the party yeah it was look we were
talking yeah so so see you are see you
tomorrow thanks guys