Strong Man


Emotional courage, mental weakness, and the power to know the difference. An e-book by Dr. Laura Dabney, the Intimacy MD.


Strong Man: Real truths about emotional courage, mental weakness, and how to tell the difference.

Every young boy aspires to be the hero, to be the one gifted with the strength and courage to overcome the villains, the monsters and the evil. With it, he craves the one thing that trumps all else: the power over fear.

What if I told you … you can be that hero? The path may not be what you think. You’re not embarking on a journey to feel less. Rather, you’re taking the steps to be brave — brave enough to feel more, to face more, to let more in … to be the Strong Man.

In this guide, we’ll:

  • Redefine courage and dispel misconceptions about bravery
  • Learn about Emotional Courage and the steps to develop it within yourself
  • Explore the benefits of Emotional Courage
  • Compare Mental Weakness to Emotional Courage and understand the differences
  • Examine the role “neediness” plays in your life
  • Take steps toward Emotional Liberation

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