Joelle Brant

Joelle Brant, CPLC

Certified Coach Mrs. Brant has been part of Team Dabney since 2015.

She graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and became a certified coach in 2015. She helps adolescent and adult clients navigate new frontiers. Whether it’s leaving the military, adjusting to college, or effectively coping with relationship changes and problems, Mrs. Brant helps her clients establish new goals and behavioral patterns, leading to happy, successful lives. Mrs. Brant also takes care of all patient packages as well as the practice’s community outreach programs.

Joelle Brant

Dr. Dabney Alternatives to Psychotherapy:


Not everyone is ready to dive into the depths of their problems.


Instead, they want to work on the here and now. They want to pinpoint goals and create an action plan to move forward.
You may not need a new engine, just a jump start – if that sounds like you, then Team Dabney’s Psychotherapy alternative is right for you.

The relationship between the client and the life coach is designed to help you achieve your goals. The first step you’ll take together is to get specific and identify your goals. The next step is to build an action plan.

Joelle will work beside you to keep you focused, accountable, and motivated. The guidance will be just what you need and make a lifetime of difference. 




Tyler Hunt

Tyler Hunt, Operations Manager

Tyler has been part of Team Dabney since 2016.

She graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She helps to ensure the smooth running of the office, handling the ins and the outs of the business. Tyler is committed to all projects involving the growth and success of the practice.

Tyler Hunt
Ali Sobers

Ali Sobers, Assistant

Ali joined the Dabney Team in 2019.

She graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor’s  Degree in Biology and Exercise Science and plans to pursue a higher degree in  Psychology. She is the main point of contact and is probably the one greeting you at the door and on the phone. Ali is involved in office communications, administration and sales.

Ali Sobers

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