Who is this therapy platform designed for?

If you’ve found your success has plateaued and your passion waning in the face of new challenges, both personally and professionally, this individual counseling program will create a clearing for renewed growth and achievements.

If you’re aware that certain challenges in life, relationships, addictions, fears, anxiety, or depression have become your kryptonite to achieving greater success and happiness in life- this program is for you. Achieving success and goals in life is a truly satisfying feeling that grows you to new heights, to provide greater perspectives and happiness.

What will tomorrow and next year look like for you? Are you in the right mindset to change to achieve your deserved success? Mentorship and guides are utilized by ALL great leaders. It will guide you to the top of your mountain.

No more switchbacks or no more dead-ends, just consistent, fast growth.

Create the Clearing where Real Growth and Winning Can Occur

Dr. Dabney’s Achieve Change program: Professional and Individual Counseling has helped hundreds of successful, high-achieving professionals achieve goals that had otherwise eluded them for years— overcoming crippling fears and addictions, resolving anxiety and depression, repairing long-damaged relationships and much more.

A Supportive & Individual Counseling Program, Designed Specifically for You

As individuals, we come from a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds that create different challenges, specific and unique only to you. Dr. Dabney is a clinically trained psychiatrist, based in Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA., who works directly on a one-on-one basis to help you complete your personalized program at your own pace. This one-of-a-kind program caters to your own learning and growing needs, ensuring you become more successful. In the end, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to stabilize your feelings and behavior and, as a result, experience a happier, healthier life. In the end, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to stabilize your feelings and behaviors to experience a happier, healthier life.

The Modern Approach to Self-Discovery and Lifelong Growth

Dr. Dabney’s modern approach utilizes a one-on-one setting in a soundproof office, with no receptionist and no private waiting room. Complete privacy and confidentiality, with information stored and encrypted on site (not on a cloud).

Here she works with you, to help you self-discover and understand how you typically process your feelings and when those patterns had initially arisen. You will finally learn how to turn your unhealthy processing of feelings into healthy processing. And you will finally discover what you are unconsciously doing to sabotage yourself and your life. Dr. Dabney will guide you through this process and plenty more.

Personal help and growth should be your top priority because when you take care of your FULL self, you unlock the potential for greatness in all other areas of your life. If you still have questions about our individual counseling program, we would love to hear from you.

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“It was really challenging for me but it put my life on a totally different and much better track.”Derrick
“For well over a year, I have been driving 2 hours one-way for my appointments with Dr. Dabney. I think that tells you what I think of her!”Tricia -

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