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We define success as long-term results that continually grow– that’s self-sustaining.

We don't believe in short-term results or short cuts. Achieving a permanent, positive transformation to attain new highs is within us all, and Dr. Laura Dabney and her specialized team of professionals can give you the tools and the life skills to reframe, create new possibilities, and life-long happiness.

Because we all don’t just desire a life with less stress, higher earning potential, and amazing relationships that grow us – we deserve it.

Achieve your true potential in life and your relationships with Dr. Dabney’s highly effective and personalized therapy and marriage counseling programs.

Ready to take the first step?

Dr. Dabney’s patients all begin the same way: with a phone call. Our initial free 15-minute private, phone consultation gives you the opportunity to ask questions and helps us ensure that we can provide the appropriate treatment and counseling for your needs. That’s all it takes to get started.

Still unsure if Dr. Dabney and her team are your perfect fit?

Former coaching and couple therapy patients are available and willing to talk to you anonymously about their positive experiences and transformations. Contact Dr. Dabney's office, and they will arrange a personal counseling session at your convenience and at no extra cost.

Your Privacy is Paramount

The idea of facing a personal, life challenge is daunting enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about your privacy, too. So, that’s just how Dr. Dabney designed her couple therapy practice, with waiting rooms free of staff and other patients, and a commitment to never share patient data with anyone, including insurance companies. These practices ensure that only Dr. Dabney knows the patients in her care and that just they—not their insurance companies—are in 100% control of their treatment.

Dr. Laura Dabney has been helping highly successful individuals experiencing emotional and relationship challenges obtain breakthrough results both in personal achievements and in relationships.

Over the last 20 years, she’s able to achieve this through her groundbreaking and highly effective programs that have helped hundreds achieve positive change. Her personalized approach based on the individual dynamics of each relationship have helped hundreds achieve their own breakthrough success.

Dr. Dabney’s personalized therapy approach involves 3 steps:

Recognizing – through the use of creating the right trusted environment, Dr. Laura assists in creating the self-awareness of our unconsciousness. By giving you the necessary tools to self-identify how it is creating emotional symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, and depression.

Outcome: Less stress, greater awareness, and control over your emotions.

Repairing – After understanding yourself to a much higher degree, work begins on discovering the impact your unconsciousness affects your everyday behavior and specifically in your closest relationships. Armed with this new knowledge and insight you’re able to resolve relationship challenges as they arise.

Outcome: Improved, happier relationships from existing to new.

Practicing – Application of Step 2 & Step 3 to become fully aware of our emotions and in understanding how they relate to your everyday relationships. And, learn to approach these emotions with the new mindset and self-awareness tools independent of therapy.

Outcome: This continues until you’re able to achieve successful, healthy relationships independently.

No individual is the same, no relationship or goal is the same. So, we've personalized each program to fit you.

Our Two Personalized Therapy Programs delivering results for 20 years:

  1. Relationship Breakthrough Program
  2. Achievement Change Program

If you are looking for a completely personalized therapy program or marriage counselor in Virginia, we would love to chat with you and show you what it feels like to overcome your barriers to a better life! Investing in your health is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.

Finding a personalized therapy program or trusted marriage counselor can be challenging. If you live in Virginia, we would love to briefly chat to demonstrate to you what a healthy relationship can deliver in your life. Investing in your health is truly the best thing you can do for yourself, family, and loved ones!

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“For well over a year, I have been driving 2 hours one-way for my appointments with Dr. Dabney. I think that tells you what I think of her!”Tricia at Vitals.com
“For well over a year, I have been driving 2 hours one-way for my appointments with Dr. Dabney. I think that tells you what I think of her!”Tricia - Vitals.com