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Live & Online eliminates the complications of traditional, office-visit therapy.

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Success Story

Don’t settle.

You don’t have to work within the traditional constraints of finding a therapist you trust.

“Aaron” considers himself fairly knowledgeable about psychotherapy, he says, “for a layperson.” He’d been working with a “big city” therapist for about a year. They were making good progress. Then, he learned, he had to move. Too far away to keep his appointments. Far enough away he worried he’d lose all the ground he’d worked so hard to gain.Eventually, he found Dr. Dabney—but not by driving to her office. He met her via video.

Aaron was skeptical, yes. He didn’t want to lose the richness of his face-to-face in-office therapy. He also worried the video experience would feel flat, incapable of evoking the same type of response. Instead, he found that even via video he experienced deep emotions: grief, anxiety, joy, love rage. He explored deep issues. He learned to trust Dr. Dabney—and he’d never even met her in person.

“I never once thought the video experience inhibited my progress … ” he says, “my life changed for the better.”

You face enough already.

Transportation, time, privacy and availability
shouldn’t hinder with your efforts.

Dr. Dabney created Live & Online because, like you, she’s been there. Before becoming a doctor, Laura, herself sought relief from the pain of emotional suffering. Therapy helped her a great deal. She was even accepted to medical school. But the great news brought with it a difficult choice: if she was to pursue her medical career, she’d have to leave the area. Further complicating matters, the therapists near her new school weren’t available for months.Thankfully, Laura’s therapist agreed to try something new. They continued to meet—and eventually completed her therapy—over the phone. It was unusual. Not many therapists were doing it. But distance therapy gave Laura the path she needed. And it changed her life.

Settling for tradition has never been enough for Dr. Dabney. Sticking with “they way it’s always been done” isn’t an answer, it’s an excuse. In fact, she’ll bet on quality over convention every time.

“I know what it’s like to be told you don’t have options.”

Laura Dabney, M.D.

Therapy that doesn’t suit you will fail you.

You get to make this choice.

You are not alone. According to and other studies, as many as 7 million people have emotional problems and live in non-metropolitan areas with limited access to mental health care.

For millions more, it’s not just distance that complicates access to care.

  • Do you struggle with leaving, or going too far, from home?
  • Do you have a demanding job that requires frequent travel or offers little time away from your desk?
  • Are you socially friendly with the therapists in town and don’t want to disclose personal issues to them?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the limited options available to you?
  • Have you found that the therapists to which you’ve been referred are booked for months?
  • Do you worry about being seen walking into the mental health clinic?

Dr. Dabney developed Live & Online because, as a patient herself,
she vowed to do everything she could for her patients.

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Take advantage of our popular Skype therapy option.

You’ve got everything you need except the right guide.

Let Dr. Dabney lead you.

Dr. Laura Dabney has helped hundreds of people across the country learn how to commit. She’s seen every one of them discover one thing: There is a root cause of your relationship problems and it’s NOT what you think.

What you THINK is the problem
is NOT the problem.

Maybe you’re telling yourself …

“I just need to quit drinking [eating, sleeping, working] so much and I’ll feel better.”
“Saying ‘no,’ isn’t possible; she really does need my help.”
“I’m too busy to even think about this right now.”
“I’m not the problem. It’s my husband [wife, kids, parents, boss] who need to change.”
“I’ll never get past this. It’s too big.”
“I couldn’t even name the problem if I tried.”

Hundreds of Dr. Dabney’s patients have said the same thing.

The good news is what they’re saying now …

“I’m like a new person.”
“I can be still, without my mind racing all day and all night.”
“It was a massive relief to finally get that out of my system.”

Align yourself with the right treatment plan.

Make the impractical obsolete.

You’ve thought about finding the right help. You may have even tried it. But life keeps getting in the way.

  • Work
  • Kids
  • Travel
  • Illness
  • Insurance restrictions
  • Caring for elderly parents

The list of challenges goes on …

Patients in more than a dozen cities across the United States take advantage of Dr. Dabney’s care via Live & Online. The only thing required of them: turn on the computer.

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Meet Dr. Dabney

Laura Dabney, MD has been in practice in Virginia Beach for almost twenty years and now treats patients in more than a dozen cities across the United States. Her psychiatric expertise has been featured on radio and in print media, and she consults for a number of large institutions, including the Virginia Veterans Administration Medical Center. She received her M.D. from Eastern Virginia Medical School and has been Board Certified in Psychiatry.

Meet anywhere.

Face to Face

Dr. Dabney’s office is conveniently located on Bonney Road in Virginia Beach, VA. We’d love to see you in person, but if that’s not an option, our Live & Online consulting allows you to work with Dr. Dabney from anywhere in the world. Call now for more information.

Live & Online

Consult with Dr. Dabney from anywhere in the world. Using her Live & Online offering, you can meet with Dr. Dabney in her Virginia Beach office from your home in California, your hotel in Tucson, or the airport in Singapore. Call now for more information.

“The experience was profoundly healing, and my life changed for the better.”


Call now for a free 15-minute consultation.

Take advantage of our popular Skype therapy option.