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Dr. Dabney works with men looking to help their relationships and improve their lives. Ready to see massive results?
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Your Free 15-minute Consultation Includes:

  • Talking to a trained member of Dr. Dabney’s team about your struggles

  • Being provided practical advice on which of Dr. Dabney’s services would best suit your needs and situation

  • A referral (no matter where you live!) if for any reason our treatment options don’t work for you

Testimonials from Thriving Clients
  • “I’ve been participating in email coaching with Dr. Dabney for almost two years. The emotional growth I have experienced in my personal life has well exceeded my expectation – through her coaching I have become a much happier, stronger person and more confident in facing all obstacles in life. I was pretty lost in life just about a year ago and now I am able to handle my emotions, deal with difficult situations at work and have a fulfilling romantic relationship. She continues to be my rock and offer tremendous support, sympathy and effective tools to help me navigate through life. Receiving email coaching from Dr. Dabney is definitely the biggest, most positive life-changing event for me.”
  • “I would definitely recommend Dr. Dabney’s email coaching to anyone who feels less comfortable opening up about their issues and who truly wants help. I felt hopeless just about a year ago and it was her encouraging words that made me turn my life around. Thank you Dr. Dabney!”
  • “Dr. Dabney and her team have helped me make it through a devastating blow when my wife of 35 years left me. The ability of Dr. Dabney to listen, encourage, and correct in an empathetic manner has contributed to my being able to proceed on in my life and to being able to understand where I can make changes or stand firm in my actions. She can share observations of your work life, family life, and marriage in detail that allows you to step back and take pause so that you don’t rush through life to just get to the end, but enjoy and affect positively each unique moments. She has great insights on being male in our confused world.”
  • “I had seen several other therapist before a top notch doctor referred me to Dr. Dabney. The therapy I did with Dr. Dabney totally changed my life. I often didn’t leave sessions feeling better than when I went in, but by sticking with therapy and taking myself on I now live life without being tortured by anxiety and have good relationships with everyone in my life. I highly recommend her.”
  • “Gifted psychotherapist. She is insightful, understanding, and responsive. Unlike many therapists It avoids the unhelpful trap of hastily applied lingo and one-size-fits-all labels, which don’t help in the long run at all. Highly recommended, for anyone.”
  • “Dr. Dabney changed my life for the better in an incredible way… Any great doctor/patient relationship takes time to develop. She has great patience and actually cared and showed concern and genuine interest. She is such a professional and always on top of new medical/psychiatric knowledge and remembers what your core important life issues are from past sessions. The best quality and ability she has is teaching me how to solve my own problems.”
Dr. Dabney is caring and highly professional. She offers a unique counseling program that effectively helps couples achieve relationship success and happiness!

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In addition to traditional therapy, Laura and her team of certified coaches help people from around the world achieve their goals.

Laura has been in practice in Virginia Beach for almost twenty years. Her psychiatric expertise has been featured on radio and in print media, and she consults for a number of large institutions, including the Virginia Veterans Administration Medical Center. She received her MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School and has been Board Certified in Psychiatry.